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Meet The Athletes

Girls and Boys 14 - 17U

Be Unique

Be Noticed

Be Brave

Be Encouraged

Be Loyal

Be Important

Be Effective

Be Vicious

Be Amazing

Be Balanced

Be Leaders

Be Extraordinary


The Girls

Girls 17U

Average Age/Height: 15yo / 5'9"

OVR Record: 81-61  |   71% FT OVR  |  12 3PG

Left to Right(Jersey, Position and Class): Yesi Morales (22, PF, 2022), Jasmin Garcia (10, SG, 2021), Maria Sandoval (12, PG, 2021), Pamela Jimenez (34, C/SF, 2021), Amber Urbina (14, SF, 2020), Amelia Rodriguez (2, SF, 2019) and Mia Colmenares (4, PG, 2021).

Records and Achievements: 22 rebounds in a game (Pamela), Double Double (Pamela), 5 3PT Shots made in a game (Pamela)

Stat Leaders:

PTS:  Pamela, RBDS: Pamela, AST: Jasmin, STL: Jasmin, BLK: Pamela


The Boys

Eddy Lopez

Class of 2019

H: 5'8" | W: 168lbs | Position: SF

Eddy is a tough competitor and even with a few injuries that sidelined him the past 2 years time in and time out. He always bounced back and brought with him his killer driving and ability to find the open man on the baseline cuts. Great role player.

Goal: To play for a JC and then transfer out and play for a 4 year.

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