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Pricing, Payment Plans and Referral Bonuses

What you want and what you need.

Since our first day, Ball Life Studio Basketball has been offering our players a high quality and personalized program at unbeatable prices. We try to make it as affordable as possible to make sure evry player who wants to paly gets a chance to. Our online site and store make it easy to get info on pricing and check out some of our gear to have the whole family rocking Ball Life!

Available Programs

Boys and Girls Ages 10 - 17

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Training Academy Practice Teams

$50 per month

  • 3-4 practices a week (3 hour practices)

  • Ball Life Studio Wristbands

  • Team orientated training

  • Fundamental Skill Training 

  • Individual player position assessments and pacing guides

  • General Nutrition Training

  • Scrimmages against travel teams (No travel games or tournaments)

  • Boys and Girls

  • Ages 10 - 17

  • Recommended for beginners or athletes wanting to brush up on the basics

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17U, 16U, 15U, 14U Travel Teams

$80 per month for RETURNING players
$120 per month for NEW players

  • 3-6 practices a week (3 hour practices)

  • Ball Life Studio Wristband

  • Practice Jersey (Available to purchase)

  • Includes Tournament and Travel Fees

  • Uniform Purchase or Rental Available

  • Team orientated training

  • Advanced Strength and Conditioning Training

  • Individual player position assessments and progress profiles.

  • Advanced Nutritional Training and Fitness Plans

  • Boys and Girls

  • Ages 13 - 17

  • Recommended for intermediate players or payers looking to further their skill sets to another level in high level team oriented play.

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Prices don't drop throughout season or month so sign up at the start of the season or month to get your moneys worth!

  • Every person you refer who signs up takes $50 off YOUR membership

  • Pay 3 months in FULL before the start of season and get get one month FREE!

  • Returning Players get a $50/month discount after their first season!

Specialized Training Sessions and Individual Mixtape

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Specialized Training Session

$40/ One and a half hours  & $25 / One hour

Get a more individual approach to your training and boost your skill level in all aspects of playing basketball. Sign up and pay the week before and your trainer will let you know the day and time that works best for you. Be the clutch shooter the team needs during crunch time, the ball handler who no one can steal from, or the assist machine your team will value and want. Be the best version of YOU.


  • 1.5 hour or 1 hour sessions

  • YOU can choose what skill set you would want to focus more on so that your trainer can build a better training plan around the things YOU want to be greater at

  • Get more individual feedback on your skill strengths and weaknesses

Discount: Buy 4 sessions and get the 5th FREE!

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Professional Hoop Mixtape

$50 each

Our partnership with college and university film, cinematography and photography students we will build you a perfect mixtape that captures your best moments in season and during Pre Draft style drills showcasing the skills college recruiters want to see and want to know about. If you're pursuing a college scholarship, aside from great grades and school career, you'll need some film and video that will help make it easy for them to make a decision on wether or not they should detail scout you or give you a scholarship of some sort.


  • 10 - 15 minute hoop mixtape

  • Showcases your ability in all skill categories such as scoring, facilitating, off the ball movement and best game highlights

  • We will put you through and film you doing some Pre Draft style workouts that will showcase your talents in all the areas scouts need to see from you

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Payment Plans

We never want money to be an obstacle

You work hard for your money and here at Ball Life Studio we make sure every dollar goes to ensuring your son and/or daughter gets the training and support they need to get better each and every day.

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Payment Option 1:

Pay Season in full and receive FREE gear!!

If you have the money available you can make a whole season purchase and get some free merchandise! Seasons are all 4 months (February - May: Spring Season, June - September: Summer Season and October - January: Winter Season). Pay for a full season and get two free tees and free practice shorts or a FREE hoodie!

Returning Player Full Season Price:  $400  ($100 / month) + ($50 Uniform rental fee)

NEW Player Full Season Price:  $480  ($120 / month) + ($50 Uniform rental fee)

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Payment Option 2:

Pay on a monthly basis on a set schedule. This is the most flexible way to pay your membership dues and fees. (All cash payment plans must be payed on that day of practice before athlete enters practice. Receipts are always given)

How it works?

  1. Pay on the 1st of every month. (Player cannot participate in practice or games until payment is made)

  2. Example of Payment Plan for a NEW player in our Spring Season:

  • February 1st - $120  ($50 uniform rental fee)

  • March 1st - $120

  • April 1st - $120

  • May 1st - $120

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Season Schedules

Practice times and dates vary season to season but length of seasons are firm.

Summer Season: $480 ($400 for NEW players)

(FREE shirt with any referral)

  • June 1st - September 28th (4 months)

  • 3-5 practices per week (2-4 hours each)

  • Days vary

  • Practice times are normally after 3:30pm during weekdays to accommodate students summer school 

Winter Season: $480 ($400 for new players)

(FREE shirt with any referral)

  • October 1st -  January 28th (4 months)

  • 2-4practices a week (2-4 hours each)

  • Days are primarily WEEKEND only. Some weekday practices might be made.

  • Practice times are after 4:30pm on weekdays if planned to accommodate student academics and work/study time

Spring Season: $480 ($400 for new players)

(FREE shirt with any referral)

  • February 1st - May 28th (4 months)

  • 3-5 practices per week (2-4 hours each)

  • Days vary

  • Practice times are normally after 3:30pm during weekdays to accommodate summer school students

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