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Pricing, Payment Plans and Referral Bonuses

What you want and what you need.

Since our first day, Ball Life Studio has been offering our players a high quality and personalized program at unbeatable prices. We try to make it as affordable as possible to make sure every player who wants to paly gets a chance to. Our online site and store make it easy to get info on pricing and check out some of our gear to have the whole family rocking BLS!

Available Programs

Boys and Girls Ages 8 - 17

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BLS Sports & Enrichments

$150 - $250 per sport

3 Levels: Beginners, Intermediate (Semi-Competitive), Advanced (Competitive)


Co - Ed Basketball  (Kinder - 12th):  $250

  • 2 - 3 practices per week

  • Outdoor practices

  • Indoor Games (every 2 weeks)

  • Basketball Uniform Set: $100


Co - Ed Soccer  (Kinder - 8th):  $250

  • 1 practice per week

  • Outdoor practices

  • Outdoor Games (every 3 weeks)

  • Soccer Uniform Set: $100

Co - Ed YOUTH  & ADULT Boxing  (Kinder - ADULT):  $200

  • 1 practice per week

  • Outdoor training sessions

  • Controlled Sparring for all Levels

  • NEED: their own mouthpiece 

  • Boxing Gear Set: $100

Co - Ed Flag Football (Kinder - 8th):  $200

  • 1 practice per week

  • Outdoor practices

  • Outdoor Games (every 3 weeks)

  • Flag Football Uniform Set: $100


Co - Ed Cheer  (Kinder - 8th):  $200

  • 1 practice per week

  • Outdoor practices

  • Cheer for Indoor and Outdoor Games (every other week)

  • Cheer Uniform Set Options: $130 Bundle or $210 Bundle


Co - Ed Dodgeball  (Kinder - 8th):  $150

  • 1 practices per week

  • Outdoor practices

  • Outdoor Games (every 3 weeks)

  • Dodgeball Uniform Set: $50

Co - Ed Running & Fitness Club  (Kinder - 8th):  $150

  • 1 - 2 practices per week

  • Outdoor practices

  • Running & Fitness Club Uniform Set: $50

3 Sport Pass:  $420  (up to 40% savings)

  • Choose any 3 sports

  • Does not include uniforms

4 Sport Pass:  $495  (up to 45% savings)

  • Choose any 4 sports

  • Does not include uniforms

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Basketball Travel Teams (10U - 17U)

Players UNDER 10 years old are only in our NON competitive travel teams but are still put through the same rigorous competitive style training and expectations listed below.

  • Must attend most to all practice sessions.

  • UNIFORM POLICY: Here at BLS we require ALL our athletes to be branded with team gear as a daily uniform. This means that you need to buy as much or as little amount of gear as your athlete needs so long as they have something from the club to wear at every practice and game event. Non optional. For practice this is a safety measure to help ensure we see all our athletes from afar in our notable and distinguishable merchandise.

  • Uniform  purchases or rentals 

    available: For our 17U elite ADIDAS team(s) there is only a rental option for uniforms, no purchase options. Players are given these jerseys to wear before each game or event and they return them right after.
  • Individual player position assessments and progress profiles.

  • Advanced Nutritional Training and Fitness Plans

  • Future goals conversation with coaches.

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Discounts & Deals!

Prices don't drop throughout season or month so sign up before the start of the season for our pre-season discount.

  • Every person you refer who signs up earns you or your athlete a FREE march item!

  • We offer financial AID Grants for low income athletes who are deemed "high talent" or "high potential" by program coaches and/or Director. These are selective and low available quantity Grants we hand out every season on special case by case situations. Contact program Director Coach Chavez  for more info.

Personal Training Sessions and Sports Mixtape

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Personal 1 on 1 Training Sessions

$45 for 1.5 hour sessions  & $25 for 45min sessions.

Get a more individual approach to your training and boost your skill level in all aspects of playing basketball. Sign up and pay, they your assigned trainer will be in touch to set up times and days. Be the clutch shooter the team needs during crunch time, the ball handler who no one can steal from, or the assist machine your team will value and want. Be the best version of YOU.


  • 1.5 hour or 45min sessions

  • YOU can choose what skill set you would want to focus more on so that your trainer can build a better training plan around the things YOU want to be greater at

  • Get more individual feedback on your skill strengths and weaknesses

Discount: Buy 7 sessions and get a FREE 1.5 hour session for an 8th session!!


Player Sport Mixtape

$50 each

Capture your unstoppable moves, incredible shots, and unforgettable highlights with our exclusive Player Mixtape Package – the ultimate tool for showcasing your athletic talent! Tailored for driven athletes seeking to immortalize their finest moments on the court or field, our package offers a professionally edited, adrenaline-pumping 5-minute mixtape that will wow your family, impress your friends, and can even catch the eye of recruiters. Our team of expert videographers uses state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a slick production featuring your best plays, complete with dynamic effects and a soundtrack that echoes your style and prowess. Don't let your peak performances fade into memory – elevate your game and share your journey with an electrifying mixtape that's as unique and impressive as you are!


  • Youtube Style MIxtape (5min max)

  • Social Media Short Clip

  • Shoutout on our IG page (follow us @balllifestudio)

  • Showcases your ability in all skill categories such as scoring, facilitating, defending, off the ball movement and best game highlights.

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Payment Plans

We never want money to be an obstacle

You work hard for your money and here at Ball Life Studio we make sure every dollar goes to ensuring your son and/or daughter gets the training and support they need to get better each and every day. If you can't pay for the full season in one payment, our $100 per month, per sport payment option might be for you.


At Ball Life Studio LLC, we believe every athlete deserves the opportunity to thrive, regardless of age or financial background. That's why we've designed our diverse sports program to be the most affordable in the area, ensuring that money is never a barrier to access top-notch sports training. Our expansive selection caters to a wide spectrum of sports for participants of all ages, nurturing growth, and fostering a spirit of excellence in a supportive environment. Whether you're a beginner or aiming for the professional leagues, our inclusive programs are tailored to meet you at your level and propel you to your fullest potential. We are committed to cultivating not just skills, but the overall development of our athletes, because at Ball Life Studio LLC, we don't just coach sports – we mentor champions in every walk of life. Choose us for an unparalleled experience that champions inclusivity and celebrates the journey of athletic growth!

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Payment Methods:

  • Cash:  Bring in person and turn in ONLY to Program Director.

  • Zelle:  (669) - 206 - 8408

  • Venmo:  @BallLifeStudio


Season Schedules

Practice times and dates vary season to season but length of seasons are firm.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter:  3 Month Seasons

(FREE merchandise with any referral)

Spring: March - May

Summer: June - August 

Fall:  September - November

Winter: December - February

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Paying Your Dues or Buying Merch Made Easy

All accessible to pay for and buy

from the online store page or via Zelle, Cash or Venmo.

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