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"The will to win  isn't the most important because everybody has that. The will to prepare to win is the key." - Bob Knight

The Story of Ball Life Studio Basketball

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The clubs Founder and Head Coach, Coach Chavez, has been a dedicated and passionate High School Varsity Head Coach for almost 4 years with some experience coaching middle school aged teens as well. When he was growing up and even more as he began his coaching career at the highest high school level he grew upset with how expensive it was to find affordable basketball training programs in San Jose and Oakland area. When you crunch down the numbers we are by far one of the cheapest priced clubs around and you get more of the good stuff for half the price. Although he can't make it free do rest assured that he made it as affordable as possible while never sacrificing giving kids the much deserved high quality training, facilities, products, equipment and overall club basketball experience. His biggest goal is to make every player better with the highest quality input that will trigger the highest quality output on and off the court. He has coached the following Varsity sports: Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball, Boys & Girls Varsity Cross Country and Boys & Girls Varsity Soccer since he was 19 at a Charter High School. He was a Nutrition and Fitness trainer at the age of 18 at Ballys Total Fitness in San Jose. He's coached against some of the toughest schools and teams in the rigorous Oakland area. He is a coach who has experience conditioning his players before season and then training them with the highest standards possible. He stresses a point of staying fit himself and working out with his players to show them first hand what he teaches He is dedicated and always has been to his players with loyalty and care that most coaches don't have. Once a Ball Life Studio Baller, always a Ball Life Studio BALLER!

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